How much does it cost?

Spending time with you and filming as you talk about your life story is just the start of our work. We spend around 60 more hours editing, researching and sourcing archive photos and films and preparing your DVD, and a further 30 hours creating your book.    A professional manages each stage, from interviewing and filming, through to production and book jacket design.

Our standard package includes your:-

  • DVD, Blu-ray, HD online streaming of your life story – 45 to 90 minutes in length.
  • Hardback edition of your life story, edited from your interview transcript. This comes as a large-format book with 45 pages or more, with photographs, a family tree and a custom-made, glossy cover jacket.
  • Time from preparation, filming, researching, converting and enhancing archive material to producing and delivering your DVD and book.
  • There may be additional production costs, and we may need to charge extra for transport costs to and from your home and for overnight accommodation.  If so, we’ll let you know before you book our services.

Prices start from £5,500.

The only extras are those you want

You are creating a unique record of your life story, as told by you. Because it’s something you’re only likely to do once, we want you to get the best from the experience and enjoy it. And, when you have your DVD and book, we hope you’ll spend many happy hours proudly sharing them with your family and friends.

So, perhaps there’s a place that’s special to you, and you’d like us to film it. Or maybe, if you have a health condition, you’d prefer to spread the filming over a few days. Whatever your question or suggestion, talk to us first. We’ll always do what we can to help.

Sometimes we may need to make an extra charge. If so, we’ll always agree this with you before you book our services.

To find out more and for a quotation tailored to your specific requirements, please get in touch.